[AU MONCHELE FIC] “Working Things Out” LAST Chapter (6)

Cory is a guy who needs to get his ass off his office chair and work out. Lea is a gym instructor. 
Chapters: 6/6

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[AU MONCHELE FIC] “Working Things Out” Chapter 5

Summary: Cory is a guy who needs to get his ass off his office chair and work out. Lea is a gym instructor.
Chapters: 5/6

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[AU MONCHELE FIC] “Working Things Out” Chapter 4

Summary: Cory is a guy who needs to get his ass off his office chair and work out. Lea is a gym instructor.
Chapters: 4/5

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[AU MONCHELE FIC] “Working Things Out” Chapter 3

Summary: Cory is a guy who needs to get his ass off his office chair and work out. Lea is a gym instructor.
Chapters: 3/?
Author’s Note: This chapter is entirely based on true facts, sadly.

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[AU MONCHELE FIC] “Working Things Out” Chapter 2

Summary: Cory is a guy who needs to get his ass off his office chair and work out. Lea is a gym instructor.
Chapter: 2/?

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[AU MONCHELE FIC] “Working Things Out”

Summary: Cory is a guy who needs to get his ass off his office chair and work out. Lea is a gym instructor.
Chapters: 1/?

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Monchele one-shot: "Such A Dirty Asshole"

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Hi Gema! I already tweeted you. My idea was a oneshot about Lea telling her best friend(maybe Dianna or Jon groff) that she is totally in love with Cory. Just a conversation what best friends have. It was just an idea! Love you Gema! Xxxx

October 2011

Lea got up from the couch as soon as she heard the knock on the front door. Leaving Jonathan in her living room, she turned down the handle and found Dianna standing outside her apartment.

'Bonjour! How's my parisian Lea?' Di giggled as she hugged her tiny friend. 'I'm so happy you called, can't wait to hear everything about Paris!'

Lea closed the door and guided Dianna towards the living room. ‘Oh Paris was great; such a short weekend though. But the weather was amazing.’ She explained as the blonde girl hugged Jon, who had been waiting for the girls on the couch.

‘She’s completely exhausted and she still called us to hang out. Aren’t we lucky, D?’ Jon joked, while Lea crashed back on her couch and closed her eyes.

‘I am exhausted. But this is more important than sleeping.’ She stated, looking simultaneously at her two friends.

Dianna and Jon exchanged a quick look before directing their eyes towards the brunette girl, wondering if something had happened in Paris. Lea had spent the first weekend of that month in the French capital and, even after claiming she was having a lot of fun through her tweets, she didn’t seem that happy that Sunday night.

After a quiet minute the two friends spent waiting, not wanting to pressure her, Lea brought her legs up on the couch and wrapped her arms around them, resting her forehead on her knees.

‘Remember I broke up with Theo three weeks ago, because of the distance and because it simply wasn’t working anymore?’

Both Jon and Dianna replied with a soft yes, the ladder placing a hand on Lea’s shoulder, wondering why she was talking about that in that moment. Her two friends knew she was over Theo; it sounded wrong to say it like that but it hadn’t been as hard as she had expected since the distance was actually doing its job. It had hurt, of course, but being the strong woman Lea was, she was okay; apparently.

‘Well, that was true. But I also had another reason to end our relationship.’ Lea finally lifted up her head and looked at her friends, each of them by one side. ‘I was having second thoughts… I-I spent the last month Theo and I were together t-thinking of someone else…’ She sighed, closing her eyes again. ‘Which makes me a horrible person but I just couldn’t help myself…’

Dianna rubbed her shoulder. ‘I think I know who you’re talking about.’

Jon nodded his head. ‘Me too. I’m happy you broke up with Theo then, you did the right thing.’

‘Yeah well now this new thing is eating me up. For the past three weeks I haven’t been able to stop thinking about-‘ Suddenly she stopped; she didn’t even dare to say his name, ‘-him… A-And I’m going crazy because with our insane schedule and the amount of hours I see him every day it’s kinda impossible to give myself a rest. E-Even when I’m not on set, which is worse! W-When I was in Paris I…’ She couldn’t continue.

But Lea didn’t need to say anything else; her friends perfectly knew who she was talking about and exactly what she meant.

‘Lea, babe…’ Jon said in a very soft tone. ‘Do you want to be with him?’

Ding ding ding! The question Lea had been avoiding for days; the question she was scared to answer even to herself.

‘I don’t know.’ She let out a deep sigh. ‘My head keeps telling me that it’s too soon, and that it’s stupid to want to be with someone so fast… b-but then, something inside me says the exact opposite.’

‘Do you feel like you could be with someone right now? Like in a relationship, intimately and everything? No strings attached with your last relationship?’ Dianna asked.

Lea thought for a moment as images of herself and said boy ran through her mind; him looking at her, him holding her, him kissing her… Then, she realized she had stopped freaking out; she had even relaxed a bit.

‘Yeah. Yes, I could do that.’ She confessed, not feeling so lost after all.

‘There you go. You’re ready, then.’ Di replied, planting a sweet kiss on Lea’s temple.

Both the blonde beautiful girl and Jonathan smiled, causing Lea to let out a small and shy giggle. But the happy moment didn’t last much.

Lea got serious once again. ‘Anyways, I don’t want to get my hopes up. We all know how much he likes models, so…-‘

‘Lee, don’t be silly.’ Jon interrupted her as he scoffed.

‘Why? What did I say?’

‘Lea,’ Dianna took one of her hands. ‘You go talk to him asap.’ She smiled excitedly before revealing that piece of information she had been dying to share ever since Lea had started talking about the tall Canadian. ‘He’s been waiting for you forever.’

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I have a request for a One-Shot:) Because it's Valentines day tomorrow, can you do a One-Shot based on Monchele and Valentine's day?:) You always can add Smut :) i love those kinds:) xo

HERE YOU GO!! 'Monchele on Valentine's Day'!

Enjoyyyy :) Yes, it’s smut. LOL

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Monchele one-shot! @ Cory's party! Maybe some smut? Hahaha. (:

(3 people requested this same thing LOL)

The food was soon gone. So the booze came right after. We were like twenty people in my apartment and it’s not like I don’t trust my friends but I seemed to be the only one who cared about keeping everyone in the living room and kitchen. Both were a mess when it wasn’t even midnight; by two in the morning, you could perfectly see a cloud of smoke over everyone’s heads. Thankful for the LA weather, I quickly opened the balcony, unaware of how loud the music was.

Everybody was dancing; lots of hip movements, or even dirty moves between some of the couples. I was so happy to see everyone was having so much fun. So happy to see that both my Bonnie Dune guys and their girlfriends and my Glee Cast family were getting along so well. They had met in several other occasions, but never in a private party.

I looked at Vanessa, who was dancing playfully on my living room wooden table. Quickly, Heather joined her and they both danced together, people sitting on the couches watching them clapping their hands. I was laughing at them when I spotted Lea walking out to the balcony with Justin, one of my bandmates, so I followed them outside.

'Hey! How's my favorite people?' I patted Justin's shoulder.

My friend turned around. ‘Hey man! Aw aren’t you nice. Don’t let anyone in there hear you. They might get jealous.’

'I actually meant 'how's my favorite person.’ I clarified as I slid one arm around Lea’s back.

Lea did the same. ‘Awww poor Justin.’

He pouted playfully. ‘See how your guy treats me? He doesn’t even like me.’ And with that, he walked back inside, leaving me and Lea alone on the balcony.

I then wrapped my both arms around her waist until my hands were right above her butt. She was wearing a nice grey dress and a pair of black sandals, hence the height difference was tremendous. I looked down at her beautiful face and that’s when I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I gulped.
She placed her hands on the back of my head and then pulled me down to kiss me.

'Hii,' she said sweetly when we broke apart from one passionate kiss. 

'Hi, I've barely seen you around tonight.' I pulled her closer to me.

'Been here and there talking to everyone..' Her fingers started playing with my hair.

'…but me.'

'Aw, my baby's jealous and wants some attention.' She pecked my lips tenderly. 'I'll give you all the attention you want later.' She whispered as she kissed me one more time, this time biting my bottom lip hungrily.

'Hm, I like how that sounds. They'll be gone soon, it's past four.' I stated as my anxious hands cupped her perfect round butt.

'HOST! HOST WHERE'S THE OTHER HOST?!' I heard my roommate yell.

I quickly let go of Lea and walked back inside, only to find everyone looking at me, my roommate motioning for me to join him by the front door. ‘What is it?!’ I screamed; gosh the music was so loud I could barely hear. ‘Geez, someone stop the music!’

'Please don't stop the musiccc, music, music!!!!!' Some drunk girls started singing.

'SHHHH! Guys, it's the cops! Shut up!' My roommate yelled once the music was off.

I told Lea not to move and to stay by the balcony door; then I joined my roomie. ‘We’ll take care of this. But you guys be quiet.’ I said before opening the door and walking outside to talk to the cops.


'Sorry about the fine, but heyy this party was awesome!!' Vanessa shouted, but quickly whispered, 'I better keep my voice down or the cops will come again.' She giggled.

Vanessa and Lea were the only ones left in my apartment at five in the morning. We had had to end the party and kick everyone out to keep the neighbors happy.

'It was a great party, sucks that it had to end this way though.' My roommate said, quite sad. 

Once the living room was clear of glasses and plates and straws and garbage and everything was brought to the kitchen, Vanessa announced she was leaving and my roommate, tired as hell but behaving like a nice gentleman, offered to drive her home.
When they were gone, Lea stood by the bathroom door while I flushed the toilet, something that someone had clearly forgotten to do. I looked around the dirty bathroom.

'I'll take care of this mess tomorrow.' I sighed, and found Lea leaning sexily on the door frame.

'And what are you gonna take care of now?' She talked in a very husky tone, bitting her bottom lip, raising her eyebrows, running her fingertips down her cleavage.

I washed my hands quickly and approached her. ‘You, maybe?’

'I'd like that.' Lea ran her tongue along her lips, causing me to crash my mouth against hers, my tongue desperately looking for hers.

As I guided her backwards towards my room, something came to my mind. ‘W-What about your mom? She’s come all the way from New York, don’t you wanna go home with her?’

Lea looked at me seriously. ‘She doesn’t need to know the party is over.’ Her lips soon curled up into a smile. ‘Besides, the party is not over.’

Before we got to my room, I had already removed her dress and she had kicked off her sandals. Opening my shirt and taking it off quickly, she started working on my belt as we reached my bed and she sat down. I observed her as she unfastened my belt and unbuttoned my pants, her bare breasts waiting for me to take the firm nipples in my mouth. When she pulled both my jeans and boxers down to my feet, she looked at my erection for a moment and didn’t hesitate to take it with her hands, standing up, attacking my mouth as she rubbed my member furiously.

I admit I almost tripped on my own feet, because taking off your shoes when your pants and boxers are all piled up on them is hard work.
Soon I had pushed Lea down on my bed and I was straddling her body, her hands not letting go of my erection. I buried my face in her neck and sucked hard on her sensitive skin while my hands massaged her breasts. A moment later she was unconciously bucking her hips up and down, so I took that as a sign and quickly removed her already wet panties.
When she finally let go of my hard member and wrapped her gorgeous legs around my waist, I was able to enter her and push hard against her core. She screamed after only the first thrust so I did it again. Oh, how I love hearing her moan and scream and ask for more; I could never get tired of that.
Getting even more turned on by her sounds, I decided to take that to another level; ha, and my neighbors had complained about the music earlier; they didn’t know what was coming.

Forcing my lips to get away from Lea’s neck, I leaned my body up a bit and looked at her as I moved a couple of fingers to her clit and rubbed it in circles. She screamed again; she screamed my name a few times while she arched her back and tilted her head.

'Oh god, Cory, Cory, Cory… I'm.. I-I'm so close…' She breathed heavily.

'…and so wet..' I licked my lips and bit the bottom one as I felt I was going to come, too. 'Oh god.. Uhhh…uhhhhh..'

It only took me three more thrusts to make Lea come, myself coming right after her.
With my hand completely wet, I lay down next to her while we waited for our breathings to go back to normal and come down from all the high.

Ten minutes later, I opened my eyes and realized I had fallen asleep. I saw Lea get up quietly and walk around my apartment, picking up her dress and sandals that I had tossed away earlier on our way to my bedroom.

'You leaving?' My voice was hoarse; I was exhausted.

'Yeah. It's almost six. I wanna get home before my mom realizes I've been gone till this late.' She said while putting on the dress over her head, sitting down on my bed afterwards to put on her sandals. 

'You want me to drive you home?'

'Of course not. You stay here and get some sleep. You were the host party, you must be tired.' She smiled as she leaned over to capture my lips in a sweet kiss.

'I'm not particularly tired because of the party, you know.' I chuckled, causing her to giggle a bit. 'Will I see tomorrow or- today, actually?'

'My mom and I will be watching the SuperBowl at home, you can come over if you like.'

'Sure. That'd be nice, as long as it's okay with your mom.'

'My mom loves you, she'll be thrilled to have you around.' Lea stroked my cheek sweetly and kissed me for the last time. 'See you later then. Good night. Love you.'

'Love you too.' 

And before she had even walked outside my apartment and closed door, I was already asleep.

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