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He’s shooting! I’m gonna go over when we’re done here. I can’t wear this dress and not have my boyfriend see it!
~ Lea Michele [about Cory not being at the Glee Party last night] (via finnhudsoncorymonteith)
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Describe your costars in one word

—Dianna Agron: “Beautiful

—Chris Colfer: “Aww, genius

—Amber Riley: “That’s my mom

—Matthew Morrison: “You’re killing me. I want to say ‘star’ but he’s also like my brother. Brother-Star! He won’t be happy with that

—Jane Lynch: “Hilarious. And I would definitely put ‘fucking’ in front of that if that’s OK

—Cory Monteith: “Oh…you can’t make me pick one word for him. That’s not fair. We could talk about that in detail“ 

    -Lea Michele for Nylon Magazine


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Five minutes before we leave he’ll throw on a suit and look like he spent hours getting ready. Guys are so lucky that they get to do that,
~ Lea Michele on Cory Monteith getting ready for events. (via leaacory)
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Cory Monteith on who has the best body in the Glee cast. 

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